Practice Management Information

Comprehensive and easy to use, Practice Management Information System (PMIS) is an advanced and professional window-based software application designed for audit firms to assist different departments to systematically organize, trace, audit, compile and analyze clients' database, banker information and activities occurred during a fixed financial period for the company. It allows flexible direct clients' information transfer and link them to the company's billing and accounting records and manipulates and reports on using high quality and professional presentation.

PMIS offers extensive powerful features. The integrated Time Cost module is one such functionally rich feature that allows individuals to enter and submit their own time sheets centrally, helping to effectively manage and analyze company's administration, manpower, work costs and clients' statutory bills at your finger tips.

PMIS Is also enhanced with security measures to tighten the access of the users and protect the company's database. Controls can be implemented with the system to allow only certain users to authorize and post transactions, thereby creating an authorization hierarchy and eliminating the time spent passing manual documents among departments.

secretary 2000
  • User-friendly

    Secretary 2000 offers simple intuitive data entry screen and provides look-up window for invalid field data entered.

  • Fast Record Searching and Retrieval

    Secretary 2000 furnishes multiple searching fields for users to search and retrieve complicated database records.

  • Multiple Grouping Field

    Secretary 2000 provides multiple grouping fields for users to group the database records.

  • Flexible and Customizable Forms

    Secretary 2000 permits various forms, business letters, documents (including share certificates) to be fully integrated to Microsoft Word and data to be produced in high quality output.

  • Security Control

    Secretary 2000 accepts the company to assign different access rights to all potential users.

  • Record Lock

    Secretary 2000 is equipped with additional security-related feature to prevent posted records from unwanted deletions and modifications of records by unauthorized personnel.

  • Central Database

    Avoiding the duplicate and redundancy information input into the system and fast manipulation and audition of the Corporate Profiles information.

  • Paperless Environment

    Paperless for inter department data transfer, eliminating the time spent passing manual billing and documents between the senior staff and the administration departments!

  • Accurate & Timely Records

    The Time Cost System not only generates and captures accurate and timely records on time sheets, departmental information and clients’ billings by project but is also enhanced with many features on cost analysis, work-in-progress analysis and projected revenue estimation.

Work Station PC or Stand Alone PC Network Server PC
CPU Processor Pentium Core and above
Windows Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 and above
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office 2007 and above
System Memory 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space Minimum 1 GB for initial installation and data storage
Installation Media CD-ROM is recommended
CPU Processor Pentium Iv 2.5 Ghz and Above
Operating System Windows NT 3.51 and above / Novell 4.0 and above
System Memory 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space Minimum 4 GB for initial installation and data storage
Installation Media CD-ROM is recommended